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I’m a woman who has experience being a wife, a mom, a student, a teacher, and a degreed business professional. I’ve traveled throughout the U.S. and have been to Europe, too, but am greatly fond of western Michigan and its beaches, and the entire Midwest region. My journey is relative to my time, of course. I’m a straight-laced conservative when it comes to education and career, yet a child of the 60’s; a hippie you might say, when it comes to enjoying life. It’s been quite a ride!

My favorite things are my grown children, Ashlee and Krystal, my Colonel hubby, Scott (retired from the military after nearly 30 years but continues to work a civilian job), my mother, Kathy (a pioneer for women who worked in the factory at General Motors from the early 60’s until retirement 27 years later – but who is first and foremost a gentle woman with a strong soul and my forever role model), my pets (Japanese Chin dogs Jake and Lucy, and my kitties, Bliss and Salem), beaches, dragonflies, hummingbirds, and other nature. I might seem complicated at times but truly love the simple things.

My little place in the world, that’s my blog. I’ll be sharing my thoughts about my life, my family, my pets, my job, and how I view the world. I hope you enjoy my stories, my sense of humor, and my insight. This is a chance for us to share that cup of coffee or tea in the morning or afternoon, and reach across the miles that might separate us, and gather close together to catch our breath and a laugh or two. Life is busy. And so are we! So let’s dive in together. And smell the roses, too.

Thanks for dropping by.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sick Jake, part two

Poor Jake was at the vet again today. He had to have blood taken since he’s been having problems with throwing up, and still sick. The vet had told me to stop his liver flavored tablets earlier this week when I reported that he was throwing up. Sure didn’t miss the fight over giving him those tabs!

She asked for a stool sample too, and I didn’t wait until our appointment this morning. I knew that was going to be a daunting task; only thing I can think of that would be worse would be following one of the cats around. So, grabbed a baggie and got that when opportunity struck on Wednesday, then rushed the steamer to the vet’s office. Luckily, it was negative for parasites.

This morning I had Jake in for his 10am. Lucy made sad eyes at us as we left her in the kitchen, and she had been really happy when she saw me get Jake’s leash out at first, because she thought her leash would come out and that we’d go for a little walk. No such luck, Lucy, so sorry little pup.

At the vet's office, Jake sat on my lap and trembled and shook. It wasn’t cold in the vet’s office, but there were dogs barking in the back, and other dogs coming and going in the lobby, and he was nervous. Plus, Jake doesn’t feel good. I knew for sure when the vet took Jake’s temp, and he was running a fever. Poor baby.
The vet assistant weighed Jake; we were surprised to see him down two pounds in two weeks. He's a small dog, and now weighs just over 14 pounds. The vet then had her assistant hold Jake while they took blood out. I stayed by his face, rubbing his little cheeks and looking into his eyes. He remained calm. Getting the blood was much easier than taking the rectal temperature, he sure flinched for that.

“Jake’s cough is back, I noticed it yesterday,” I told the vet. “And he coughed this morning, too,” I continued. The vet started asking me all kinds of questions about the puke, the coughs, what times, how much, etc. And I asked that if Jake needed medicine again, which he did,  that she please not give us the liver flavored tabs. I couldn’t take that again, plus, all the treats Jake got might have brought on pancreatitis, and makes me feel worse that my giving him those medicine tabs in different foods might have triggered another illness.

I was really happy when the vet offered us liquid meds! She sent us on our way, and said she’ll call on Monday with the results. Oh, I hope my boy is okay.  The vet also gave us some tablets to give ½ at bedtime for Jake, to ward off any stomach upsets. They are really tiny, too, so Jake too the piece of pill in a small bit of ham. Yes, that’s the only treat he got.

He was so glad to be home from the vet, and he showed Lucy his blue armband, back from the ordeal. Lucy sniffed him all over, and noticing the “vet smell,” seemed forgiving that she was not invited to go with us. And Jake, well, poor boy, he took his liquid meds easily then he lay down for a nice nap in the sunbeam streaming through the kitchen window; home sweet home, warm and safe in a sunbeam, resting and healing up. Ah, sweet nap.

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